Mandala - Rollable Dharba Grass Meditation Mat with Cushion

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Style: Mandala Dharba Rollable Meditation Cushion

Mandala Dharba Rollable Meditation Cushion
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Experience Serenity with Our Handmade Rollable Dharba Grass Meditation Mat and Cushion

This beautiful mat is crafted from dharba grass, a type of grass that's traditionally used for meditation and other spiritual practices in India. The grass is carefully harvested and woven by skilled artisans, creating a soft and durable mat that's perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply relaxing.

To enhance your comfort, we've included a cushion made from natural cotton. The cushion provides just the right amount of support for your knees and hips, allowing you to sit in a comfortable position for extended periods of time.

Size: 21" X 32"
Weight: 1 Kg

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source materials for producing Yaazh products?

We source materials for our Yaazh products from naturally cultivated farms and through contract farming.

How does Yaazh ensure responsible production?

At Yaazh, we take responsibility in producing our products in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. All of our products are locally sourced, handcrafted, and made from natural materials, ensuring a positive impact on both the environment and the communities where they are produced.

Who produces Yaazh products?

Yaazh products are produced by a team of skilled local artisans who are committed to using traditional techniques and natural materials to create high-quality products.